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Space tourism gets a new perspective

A unique experience in Romania is going to be launched.
AVA Space sees the big picture. We anticipate a paradigm shift in the high-altitude tourism industry through the widespread adoption of the hydrogen balloon.

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Explore new horizons

Be one of the explorers of the earth, from high altitude. Imagine what it would be like to travel with your friends and family at 35 km altitude. Your dream of travelling to space comes true. The sky is no longer the limit.


90 years of technology

Founded by Auguste Piccard in 1931, this smooth, comfortable and non-polluting spaceflight technology comprises a pressurized capsule attached to a hydrogen balloon, capable of climbing to an altitude of 35 km.

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Unique experience in Romania

AVA Space is the only high altitude space tourism company in Romania. Relatively safe and extremely affordable, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic lead the space tourism industry. A return flight from the Karman line takes a few minutes, but is responsible for strong accelerations of up to 5G, requiring a state-of-the-art solution for transforming space travel.


The trip will take 5 hours

The average speed is
17 km / h

Safe landing

When descending, the capsule and the ballon will be safely returned by 2 AVA Space helicopters.

Spend 1 hour at the 35 km altitude

The balloon will mantain its altitude of 30-35 km for one hour.

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